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On April 24th, 2024, we will be hosting an interactive, hands-on hackathon on building and deploying an entire LLM-based application from start to finish.

GenAI: Hands-On LLM Hackathon

During this event, you will have the opportunity to learn, build, and deploy an end-to-end LLM application using AWS Bedrock and OpenAI, while also gaining hands-on experience in crawling documents, creating embeddings, storing them in a vector database, and generating insights with Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG).


The registration is already closed.

What is this hackathon all about?

This hackathon is all about gaining practical experience with Large Language Models (LLMs) by actually building and deploying an entire LLM-based application from start to finish. Participants will utilize AWS Bedrock and OpenAI tools to create a comprehensive end-to-end application. The focus will be on hands-on learning, including tasks such as crawling documents from various sources, converting them into mathematical representations called embeddings, efficiently storing these embeddings in a vector database, and using advanced techniques like Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to extract valuable insights from the documents.

Why join this hackathon?

With this hackathon, you will gain experience in building LLM-based applications. You will learn how to answer natural language questions by querying a specific knowledge base.

Who is this hackathon for?

This hackathon is for engineers with basic technical capabilities in Cloud and Python and with a willingness to experiment with LLMs.


What do you need to bring with you?

  • A laptop

Practical information:

  • Date: April 24th

  • Time: 17:30 - 21.00 CEST

  • Venue: Vismarkt 17, 3000 Leuven, Belgium

  • Pizza and drinks will be provided at 17:30 to 18:00

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