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Sustainable GenAI: Technology, Data and Governance

Join us for an event focused on the crucial aspects of GenAI development and its implementation. Discover how emerging technologies, enriched data contexts, and actionable governance frameworks come together to form the backbone of sustainable GenAI initiatives.


Talk 1:  @Hannes De Smet
Technology: GenAI product’s essential components

Dive into the core of GenAI technology in this introductory talk, where we'll explore the foundational elements that make up GenAI products. This session will cover the various types of generative AI technologies, their underlying mechanisms, and the essential tools and frameworks used to build and refine these systems.
Talk 2: @Frederic Vanderveken
Data: leveraging context to improve GenAI responses

This talk focuses on the pivotal role of data context in enhancing the accuracy and relevance of GenAI outputs. Learn about the strategies for data enrichment, context modeling, and integration techniques that significantly improve how GenAI systems understand and respond to user inputs. A demo will be presented to illustrate the effective use of contextual data in refining GenAI responses, offering attendees actionable insights for their own GenAI projects.
Talk 3: @Jonny Daenen
Governance: how to sustainably scale GenAI initiatives

Scaling GenAI initiatives requires more than just technological innovation; it demands robust data governance frameworks that ensure ethical, legal, and efficient use of AI technologies. This session will address the challenges of data governance in GenAI. Participants will learn best practices for implementing governance strategies that support sustainable growth and trust in GenAI applications.