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Navigating the Data Horizon:

Unveiling Trends and Futures at State of Data 2024


“State of Data 2024” - is an immersive exploration into the evolving landscape of data. Tailored for technical leaders and experts.

  • delve into cutting-edge topics like AI/ML advancements with LLMs, GenAI, and RAGs
  • discover the innovations in data engineering with new processing engines
  • explore the future of platform engineering through Online IDEs


DM Speakers - Team (7)
Explore the buzz around LLMs and AI agents from OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Delve into the allure of retrieval augmented generation (RAG) apps, grasping their limits at the enterprise scale.
Uncover how strategic leadership, architecture, and collaborative culture are key to long-term success.
DM Speakers - Team (10)
Explore the intersection of supercomputing and practicality with Duckdb & Polars in data processing. Discover when and why these tools excel, striking a delicate balance between power and necessity.
Join us in questioning technology boundaries and making informed decisions in your data journey.
DM Speakers - Team (9)
Ever wondered how new employees can seamlessly contribute code on their first day? Explore the journey of data development at an energy supplier as we unravel the impact of online developer environments like Gitpod.
Learn how these tools enable hyper-productivity and minimize developer downtime, revolutionizing the way we approach coding and deployment.

Learn from industry experts

Niels Claeys 

Data Engineer

Data Minded


Pascal Brockmeier

Data Expert



Jan Vanbuel

Data Engineer

Data Minded


Jelle De Vleminck

Data Engineer

Data Minded 


Wannes Rosiers

Go-to-market Lead



Pascal Knapen


Data Minded